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Directions to Twillingate and Paradise B&B

Twillingate is located on the Kittiwake Coast.

Once you have arrived on the island of Newfoundland there are three driving routes to chose from to visit Twillingate.

From the western part of the province (i.e., coming from Port-aux-Basque, Gros Morne National Park, or Grand Falls) take Route 340 at Lewisporte all the way to Twillingate (total driving time 1 hour, 30 minutes on the Road to the Isles). Just as you enter the community of Lewisporte you will have to make a right turn to remain on Route 340. The scenic drive title, "Road to the Isles," becomes obvious once you leave Boyd's Cove. Here, you will cross the first of four causeways that connect the Isles — Chapel Island, New World Island, and the Twillingate Islands — with the island of Newfoundland.

Two separate driving options are possible to arrive at Twillingate if you are coming from the eastern part of the province (i.e., driving from St. John's or Terra Nova National Park). You can take Route 320 at Gambo and drive the Road to the Shore and then drive Route 331 at Gander Bay (total driving time to Twillingate is 2 hours, 30 minutes). The alternative is to take Route 330 at Gander and again take Route 331 at Gander Bay (total driving time to Twillingate is 1 hour, 45 minutes). Route 331 will eventually provide access to Route 340, where you must turn right on Route 340 to drive to Twillingate.

Finding Paradise B&B in Twillingate is easy! Route 340 will eventally come into town and you will have to stop at an intersection with Main Street. You are presently on the South Island. Continue driving on Route 340 by turning left heading towards the North Island and Long Point Lighthouse. This is your first and last turn until our driveway! Drive for approximately 2.6 km, all the while driving along the harbour, and you will eventually crest on a hill with our driveway to your right.


Directions to Newfoundland Island

While only one road will ultimately bring you to the town of Twillingate there are numerous options to get you onto Newfoundland Island. These options include ferry and air travel.

Convenient direct flights can be taken from many major cities throughout North America and Europe to St. John's, Gander, and Deer Lake on Newfoundland Island. The Gander airport has the most direct access to the Twillingate area.

Several automobile ferry options could be considered if you wish to drive to the island portion of the province (i.e., Newfoundland Island). From Nova Scotia, two ferry services are scheduled between North Sydney and Newfoundland Island. The first is the year-round North Sydney to Port-aux-Basques route (total crossing time is 5.5-6 hours) while the second is provided during the peak tourism season — June through September — between North Sydney and Argentia (total crossing time is 14 hours).

A thorough trip to our province would include visits to both Newfoundland and Labrador (the mainland portion of the province). Again, two ferry options exist that connect Labrador with the island of Newfoundland. The first is a short crossing between Blanc Sablon and St. Barbe while the second service connects Cartwright and Goose Bay, Labrador with Lewisporte (this crossing operates June through September and takes approximately 35 hours for the entire trip). This latter ferry service provides the most direct access to the Twillingate area.